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Journal & Translation . Naoko Kelleher
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London - a city that has continued to be one of the world’s leading cultural hotspots. Its music, fashion, art and museums with their unique fusion of elegant tradition and revolutionary modernity has been an inspiration for people around the world. But now, the artistic, cultural and creative scene faces some hard changes.
Today, we interviewed upcoming young artists currently facing those current hardships who have published an art magazine. Find out about their stories inside “Bricoleur Mag”below.

First off, could you tell me about "Bricoleur Mag"
Bricoleur mag is a print form magazine that focuses on specific theme and published every 3 months and features works of current & past members of Gallery Six*.
Gallery Six*... is a studio space for fresh creative graduates especially for first year BA graduates in the centre of coolest East London. Gallery Six membership is free and limited to a 3 month period.

Who are you ?!
We are a group of mad people that are wonderful and talented, skint but happy :)
Katie McAtackney
Filipa Silvério
Julie Tasdur
Georgia Bennett
Charlotte Bennett
Károly Tendl

Could you tell about your journey to issue one?
It was a cold night in November, as most of us were finishing membership of Gallery Six. WWe had beer and pistachios to celebrate and started to talk about how we couldn’t bear the thought that all our work created during our membership at Gallery Six could get so easily lost in the creative noise of London.
So we came up an idea that we would start a zine where we can showcase our work either on a quarterly or biannual basis.
Despite that we toasted beer for this fantastic idea, we had no money to start on. So we decided to set up a campaign on Kickstarter for financial backing from investors. After failing once we decided to relaunch its campaign, which thankfully reached our funding goal and here we are now!

Why a print form magazine?
Because print is more authentic, its classic basically. Our work is mainly quite raw and not really photoshopped or commercial. We wanted something to hold and to physically feel our work with this magazine.
It's also important to not forget your roots. We are artists that started our printing with raw negatives. The part of 'do-it-yourself' is more you, more emotional, more authentic and that's how the art world would need to this.

What's your concept?
If every generation has a name, then we are the cactus generation . Our parents and grandparents could look forward to owning their own homes by their mid-twenties, maybe even a cat or dog too. We've got the prospect of rented rooms ahead for the foreseeable future and as for pets - no chance. Maybe a cactus if we're lucky!
As you might know, getting your foot in the door in the creative industry is quite hard. You probably know how the story goes... you graduate, hunt for entry level jobs, endure waves of rejections or take unpaid jobs for months while trying to stay on top of your absurdly expensive London life style. You get the jist, yeah?
So our original idea is to support emerging artists & creatives based in London to help get them into the industry as well as employers and creative companies who are looking for new talent.

What's your motivation?
Unfortunately, the free and easy lifestyle of being able to pick up and have fun, spend money and not think of consequences is thing of the past. London is known to be one of the world's jobs centres in the creative world and even if we work 100 hours we will still only just be able to feed and clothes ourselves and pay the rent.
"Follow your dream and work hard"
Was what we were constantly told by our parents, so we did.
We worked hard, passed the exams, got a place in a University. We Studied our majors intensively for 3 years and we knew that we would need a good degree to succeed in our careers so we put even more pressure on ourselves. Some of us might have had a nervous breakdown and become depressed with the strain of it all. According to the Daily Touch - "1 in 4 graduates have mental health issues while at university" with depression and even subside becoming more common. But we are the cactus generation, so all we found was an arid soil trip dip recession and Brexit and very little to nurture or sustain us.
So yeah,
this is our opportunity to have voices as artists, as our generation, to tell people our story as fresh graduates from uni.

What do you hope to get back from this?
We hope to change perspectives of creative graduates and make employers aware of what we are doing.
We create meaningful art work and help artists by providing a professional platform for them.
We need to live creative to be creative; we're supposed to be having fun and enjoying our lives. The highlight of our week should be visiting a friend, hoping that they are not cutting their nuts off for a company that practices "free- work experience" or have employees working ridiculous hours in a job they hate just to pay rent.

What does creativity mean to you ?
The creative life can be an amazing vocation if you have the love, courage and persistence to see it through.
This may be the only sanity-preserving way to approach creativity in today's world . No one said it would be easy. Uncertainty is what we signed up for. Yet we still keep on doing what we are doing because expressing yourself into a piece of artwork may not mean a lot to someone else but it will mean something to us. Self expression is what we need to survive; to help ourselves and understand ourselves on a deeper and purer level.. and that's what counts.
We keep going. Stay motivated, stay curious, and stay positive and true to your self.

What's your plan from here on?
Issue one is only the first step in our journey to realise our dream of making Bricoleur grow. We want to expand the zine and constantly improve its content with more spread and deeper curiosities.
In issue two, we will feature another generation of Gallery Six members, do more interviews and have more pages and hope to collaborate with artists from other parts of the world!

Interviewer Profile:

Naoko Kelleher

Moved from Japan to the UK in 2004. Previously a designer and stylist, she now works on her own artwork and as a vintage buyer, as well as coordinating shoots for fashion, art and culture, writing articles and organising events.

世界のカルチャー最先端のホットスポットであり続ける街、ロンドン。ミュージック、ファッション、アート、ミュージアムからギャラリーまで 優雅な伝統と革新的な現代性が融合して生み出される独特のスタイルは世界中にインスピレーションを与え人々の心を魅了し続けてきた。そんなアツい街のアート、クリエイティブのカルチャーシーンに今、シビアな変化が求められているという。

まず"Bricoleur Mag"はどんなマガジンなのか教えてください。
Gallery Sixというスタジオスペースで知り合ったアーティスト6人の私たちがチームとなり、3ヶ月に一回発刊するのがBricoleur Magです。それぞれの号は私たちが日常で経験するリアリティや主張にインスパイアされていて、そこから3つのテーマを決めます。そこにGallery Sixに現在/過去に在籍した才能あるアーティストの魅力的な作品がフィーチャーして作られるのがこのマガジンなんです。
Gallery Six*...一番オモシロいと言われているイーストロンドンのど真ん中に位置するスタジオスペース。アート&クリエイティブの学業を終えた既卒者やホヤホヤの新卒者を手厚く応援しており未来の輝くクリエイターの卵の保育器とも言える。メンバーシップの3ヶ月間このスタジオを無料で使うことができる。

Katie McAtackney
Filipa Silvério
Julie Tasdur
Georgia Bennett
Charlotte Bennett
Károly Tendl

Gallery Sixのメンバーシップのコントラクト期間を終了間近に控えた11月の寒い夜のことでした。スタジオのソファーに座りビールとピスタチオでカンパイしながら自分たちのこれからの活動や目標について話してるそのとき このメンバーシップ期間に作られた数々の作品もロンドンの雑踏で簡単に消えてしまうというリアリティは苦しすぎる、こんなことに負けたくない、なんとかしたい、なんとかしよう!ってことで私たち一つのアイデアにたどり着いたんです。



仕事を選んで楽しみ使いたいことにお金を使う、そんな自由を謳歌する恵まれた暮らしができたのはもう過去の話。ロンドンはクリエイティブな仕事の中心地と言われていても、今や週に100時間働いても家賃と食費、ちょっと服でも買えばお財布は空っぽ… 残念ながらそれがロンドンに暮らす若手クリエイターたちの現状なんです。
猛勉強して大学に入学し、専攻した勉強を3年間徹底的に習熟し、キャリアで有力な武器となる資格や認定の単位取得もプレッシャーと戦いながらがんばった。そんなストレスに耐えられず精神的に追い詰められ身体の病気やうつ病、ノイローゼになる仲間だっていた。Daily Touchというイギリスの学生向けニュースサイトによると、卒業する学生の4人に一人が在学中のストレスが影響して心の病を抱えているというデータが出ているそうです。悲しいことにうつ病などが原因で自殺を図る学生も珍しくなくなってきているとか。そんな学生時代を私たちはなんとか乗り越え涙と笑顔で迎えた卒業式、黒のガウンと角帽を身にまとい 誇らしげな両親と一緒に記念撮影 ”約束”されているはずのこれからの生活に胸を躍らせ角帽を空に向かって投げるもサボテン世代の私たちに待っていたもの、それは三番底の不景気、EU離脱、そして物価の大幅上昇。


自分と向き合い 喜びを感じながら好きなことに挑戦し、前を向いて自分に素直でいるために欠かせないこと、それが私たちの思うクリエイティビティです。

Bricoleur Magを作るという夢実現の第一歩がこのファーストイシューでした。これからもっとこのマガジンを発展させて、濃度を高くもっともっとオモシロイ内容にしていくつもりです。
セカンドイシューではGallery Sixの違う世代のクリエイターのフィーチャー、インタビューを増やしてページ数も増やしてどんどん成長させていくつもりです。して今後は国境を超え世界のアーティトとのコラボレーションもしていけたらと思っています。
コラボレーションに興味のある日本のアーティストさん、是非Bricoleur Magでご一緒しましょう。

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